Are You a Bridge Builder?

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that build bridges and those that don’t. Bridge builders are mentors; they share their experiences and build bridges of encouragement and hope for others to cross. They are people of tremendous character and strength that give unselfishly of their time and talents. Bridge builders know the importance of taking time to help others without concern for credit or personal gain. They don’t build for recognition or tribute; they build because it is their nature to build bridges. Bridge builders are considerate people and do their very best to support others. They understand the power of a kind word, a timely phone call, or a note of praise. If you are a bridge builder congratulations, the world needs you and is a better place because of the difference you make in the lives of others. How many bridges have you built lately?

The Bridge Builder

An old man going a lone highway,
came at the evening cold and gray,
to a chasm vast and deep and wide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim,
The sullen stream had no fear for him;
but he turned when safe on the other side
and built a bridge to span the tide.

“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,
“You are wasting your strength with
building here; Your journey will end
with the ending day. You never again
will pass this way. You’ve crossed the
chasm, deep and wide, why build a bridge at evening tide?”

The builder lifted his old gray head;
“Good friend in the path I have come,”
he said, “there followed after me today
a youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been as naught to me,
to that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim.
Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!”

  • Anonymous