The Difference Between the Internet *Being* Your Business versus It Being an *Adjunct* to Your Business

Businesses using the Web could be divided into three broad categories. (People can be divided into three categories, you know: Those who divide things into two categories, those who divide things into three categories, and those who don’t divide things into categories!) The first category are those whose business model is such that the Internet … Read more

The Number One Answer is Search Engines…

We surveyed 100 people… What is the best way to draw traffic to your website? Our survey said… Search Engines 53Article Distribution 30Ad Swaps / Links at other sites 14Banner Advertising 8Signature Files 5 Ironically, it seems possible that we could have selected a different set of people and the answer for search engines would … Read more

The Internet (Part II)

HOW TO GET STARTED There are three major steps to effective Internet usage: Get connected to the net Learn to use the net (“surf” the net) Create your own presence on the net Getting Connected. There are four major ways to connect to the Internet: 1. Your own connection. This is not for the small business. … Read more

The Internet (Part I)

Part 1 of a 2 part series. Part 1 introduces the Internet, describes what it is and why it is important. Part 2 describes how to get started including getting “connected,” what equipment is required, learning to use the internet and how to create your own presence on the internet. Finally, a listing of useful internet … Read more

Have You Hugged Your ‘Guru’ Today?

Strange title for an article, don’t you think? But it did get your attention, and I want to hold it because I have something very important I want you to read, so please let me explain *why* I chose this title. I dislike the term ‘guru’, a least when it’s applied loosely, as it is on … Read more

A Guide to Choosing An Affiliate/Associate Program

What exactly is an Affiliate Program, you may ask. Associate and affiliate programs are turning out to be the fastest-growing area of E-commerce. They allow website owners to partner with retailers and offer products and services to their visitors. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that can generate a wide-range audience for the seller and a hassle-free … Read more

How to Alienate Your On-Line Client Base In One Easy Step

You’ve spent a great amount of time finding your contacts on the Internet. You’ve starting participating in the places they are. You’re ready to take on the world now. Stop. Without a thorough understanding of the following concept, you can potentially lo  Making Money on the WebIf you�ve got a company, an interest, or even … Read more

Knowing Your Niche

Knowing Your Niche By: Larry Johnson It’s a big intenet out there! Have you discovered your niche? What is your particular talent that can bring success to your internet efforts? It may take some time discover exactly how to use your talents to your best advantage. Are you a w  How to Build Wealth Like … Read more

Webmaster or Web Slave? Time Saving Tips for Cyberpreneurs

Time is money in your online business, just as in the offline business world. Problem is, the typical Internet entrepreneur is in a race against time: Often snowed under with many things to do, trying to achieve maximum results (income) within the precious, very limited time available. Especially if you’re holding down a full-time job … Read more

Setting Out Bait Online

By: Marcia Yudkin In 1995 I created and distributed a free document called Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Writing, or the Freelance Writing FAQ. ( I’ve updated it several times since then and allowed anyone to post it at their We  Carleton Sheets Investor’s Success SeriesCarleton Sheets Investor’s Success Series – Order all 3 and … Read more